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Rules of the BrewQuest

Buy a custom graphic T-Shirt from the Bonfire campaign.

LIKE & FOLLOW "4 Local Beer Fest" on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

Collect location points by:

  • VISIT - Visiting each location listed in the T-shirt graphic.

  • BUY - Buy a beer, flight, crowler, growler and/or 4-pack.

  • PROOF - Take a photo of your purchase at the location.

  • POST - Post your pics on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

  • TAG - Tag "4 Local Beer Fest", the location, and use the #4LocalBrewQuest


The POST & TAGS are VERY IMPORTANT! The post is how we track where the "Heroes" has been. No post with tags* or the #4LocalBrewQuest, no points.

*The "4 Local Beer Fest" tag doesn't seem to work with some mobile devices so the hashtag is EXTRA important.


Each brewery is worth 1 point and each non-brewery is worth 2 points.

(no double dipping the same location for points and breweries with multiple locations only count as one point)


Collect as many locations as possible by:

🏆 Part 1 – mid-December 2020*

🏆 Part 2 – mid-April 2021*

🏆 Grand Finale- 4 Local Beer Fest on September 4th, 2021 (fingers crossed)

*dates to be released


What do YOU get for playing the game?

  • You get to visit brewery locations that you might not normally visit, i.e. find your new favorite beer.

  • Buying into the game help us raise funds for a great non-profit.

  • Part 1 & 2

    • The top 3 players with the most points win local beer.

  • Grand Finale

    • The top 3 players with the most points win local beer plus more!!!


Go on a fun quest to visit a new  place you have never been to before or go visit an old favorite.


Purchase some of their finely made liquids for there and/or get some to go. Don't forget a t-shirt or hat or glass!


Take a photo or a few of your purchase at the location, tag the location, 4 Local Beer Fest, and post it on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram


Earn points in the BrewQuest by using


when you post on social media.


We know you have questions, we have questions and we might have answers. No one has ever done anything like this before so all of us are on this Quest together. Sit back, take in the scenery, enjoy a beer or a mead or a cider or spirit, and support your local small businesses. 

  • How do I know what locations to go to?
    There are a few different ways. All of the locations are listed in the Bonfire T-shirt graphic. There is a Google Map posted on Facebook. The map on this website will list locations as they are "discovered".
  • Can I buy products at a local distrubutor or grocery store of a location that is listed in the graphic?
    You can, and it will most likely be supporting a small business but IT WON'T COUNT. You MUST buy directly from the location listed in the graphic for your points to count.
  • What if I forget to tag the location, 4 Local Beer Fest, and add the hashtag in my social media post?"
    Fix the post by adding the tags and hashtag. Both Facebook and Instagram allow editing but unfortunately Twitter doesn't allow editing so you'll need to make a new post.
  • What if I forget to take a photo at the location?
    GO BACK AND TAKE A PHOTO!!!!! Seriously though, make sure you take a photo of your purchase at the locations you are visiting at the time you are making your visit.
  • What happens if I hit all 92 locations?
    If you are first, then we have a special award for you. BUT, you get to keep going becuase we do have "hidden" locations for you to keep you going till the 4 Local Beer Festival on September 4th, 2021.
  • What happens if a location closes before I get to visit them.
    With everything going on today businesses have to roll with the punches. Check their website and social media to verify their hours. CLOSED FOR GOOD? This is a sad day. There are more than 92 locations in the SEPA so we will make substitutes if needed.
  • What if a brewery has multiple locations?
    Breweries such as Free Will, La Cabra, Sterling Pig, Bald Birds, Stickman, Conshohocken, Iron Hill, Separatist Beer Project, Sly Fox, Victory, & Dock Street have multiple location. So when working on your 92 you will only recieve a point for the first one your go to. After you have collected the full 92 then, and only then, will the other locations you havn't been to will be opened up. Example - While working through your 92 you collect Conshohocken KOP, therefore the other 4 locations are "locked" untill after you collect the 92 unique breweries.
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